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See below for current available patterns.  These Welding Hats are 100% cotton and are all hand made for you in Canada.  They are worn under your hard hats and welding helmets, and are custom made to fit.  Give us your head size or click Hat Size here to find out more.

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If you have any questions on the above Hats, please contact us.

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I’m Katherine Hawks, the unofficial company editor at Kootenayhats©.  By day, I’m the operator, crafting your good fitting and beautiful welding hats to enhance your safety and comfort.  I focus on user happiness, always learning and love to help, say hi!  By night, I’m a busy wife of a certified welder, and working hard to create inspirational and lifestyle blog posts on nature, art, books, food, travel, photos, music and other things…  Happiness is meant to be shared after all, so blog writing is a pleasure.   Hope you enjoy reading our posts, feel happy and comfortable sharing your thoughts and honest opinions about our blogs.

I can be contacted at info @ KootenayHats.com

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