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Soft Flannel 100% Cotton Canadian Custom Made Reversible Welding Hats For Tradespeople. Comfortable and help you to stay healthy and productive visit https://kootenayhats.com/flannel-welding-hats/
Welcome to Kootenay Hats! Fall is here. Flannel Welding Hats help you to stay warm and productive. Click Image to see Catalog.

Particles of hot slag and flying sparks enter the ear canal causing permanent damage of the ear drum.  Welders should cover your ears with welding hats when welding.Canada Kootenay Hats© SPH Custom Locally Hand Made Reversible Caps Improve Your Safety And Productivity At Work www.KootenayHats.com

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Kootenay Hats© Soft Protective Headwear specializes in creating 100% cotton welding hats .  These quality welding PPEs are extremely comfortable, protective, functional and fashionable to wear.  My husband is an experienced certified welder.  We make them to fit your heads and are capable of covering your ears.

These hats can also absorb perspiration, prevent excessive sweat rolling down your face, eyes, and protect your neck from sunburn. Hats are also used by boilermakers, pipefitters and other Trades under the hard hats for comfort and protection, see some of our Testimonials.

Canada Locally Hand Made To Fit Welding Hats Caps Are Comfortable Protective Versatile For Male and Female Welders Welding Professionals And Other Trades Experts

We have a wide choice of colors and patterns.  Please refer to Hat Size or simply send us your measurement using  the Contact Form and we will be very happy to make them for you.

Happy National Tradesmen Day Canada www.KootenayHats.com
Happy National Tradesmen Day 2021!

Thank you Tradespeople you're front-line workers and unsung heroes who keep us safe and cared for during this pandemic
Thank you Tradespeople for keeping us safe and cared for during this pandemic!