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Ahoy Buddies Your Best Welding Hats Are Now On Board

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Made To Size Welding Hats

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& See How Our Hats Can Improve Your Safety!

What is a Welding Hat?

It is a cotton fabric hat worn for safety and comfort under your hard hat and/or welding helmet.  These versatile hats improve the comfort and safety at work.

What makes this Hat unique?

  • Comfort    Excellent fitting crown giving more comfort to your head.
  • Safety    Long brim/bill giving more protection to your crown, ear drums and neck.
  • Breathable   Fabric and brim/bill materials are 100% Cotton.  It is breathable and sweat absorbent and especially recommended for welders and construction workers.
  • Versatile   2 Hats in 1.  The hat is reversible on one side with a solid color on the other, allowing you to look nice and sharp all the time.
  • Easy to care for   Washable and dry fast in the hot sun in 30 minutes.
  • Customizable    Customized high crown will cover the top of ears.
  • Convenient    Design is compact, pocket sized and foldable, making it extremely convenient to carry in your pocket, and more… wear it fishing, hunting, driving into the sun, even reading…
  • Buy Local   This Hat is made by a Canadian small business.  When you buy from us, you’re putting the money back into the Canadian economy and helping Canadian families.
Treat it like your buddy! Fold the welding hat like a handkerchief and put it in your pocket. And never leave home without it
Fold It Like a Handkerchief, Easy To Carry

Why is this Hat important? 

This Hat is part of your PPE (Personal Safety Equipment).  It shows your professionalism and responsibility of your own safety at work.

And what does this Hat protect you from?

  • Protects Your Ear Drums from welding slag, molten steel balls, and grinding sparks.
  • Protects Your Eyes from the sun and UV radiation due to larger Brim/Bill.  It also prevents perspiration from entering your eyes when sweating a lot.
  • Protects Your Neck from sunburn and welding sparks.