Here are some of our happy customers:

“I have been a welder for all of my life and there one important thing to remember – Be safe!  To truly be safe you need to be comfortable + in control.  I recently bought a welder’s cap from Kootenayhats.com and I am thoroughly impressed by its comfort + safety. Throughout my welding career I have used many different caps to protect me while welding; my Kootenay Welder’s Hat has been by far the most practical and functional. I would highly recommend this hat to anyone in the trades industry, its function of comfort + safety make it well worth the price”  – Holland R. ; Welder (retired) 50+ years’ experience

“Once again, I would like to thank you for the high quality welding hats… yes, all six (6) of them.  I know they will last for quite some time.  As you are aware, I was able to distribute at least 18 of these hats to co-workers at both Ideal Welders & Endako Mines.  I received positive feedback! Some of the compliments were with regards to the strong stitching and quality material, many different colors and sizes to choose from, as well you can wear them inside out… What I like most is the way the sparks bounce off of them + easily cleaned. I can also tuck them away in my back-pack, or slip them into my pocket. Good luck Katherine!” Vern S.

“I like my hat very much.  My use of it might seem a little strange.  I use it in bright light situations for reading.  My eye sight is weak and requires lots of light to read and this creates glare on peripheral vision and that’s when the hat comes in.  I can adjust it to shade the glare out and just have the light coming from the page. Particularly so while reading in bed which I do a lot.  Because the all cotton hat, like all my clothes are custom made, and there is no plastic adjusters to stick into my head while reclined.  The perfect seam work makes the hat ridge free + very comfortable.  It is easy to clean + easy to travel with, I enjoy its company.  So there, recommended by me, Calen.” –  Calen F.

I will definitely buy another welding beanie from this company, they were very helpful with all the questions I had, and received my order very fast. The beanie is very comfortable. I love that they make any part of the hat the size you want. Five stars.” –  Damian P.