Safety Scarf Benefits

A Fleece Lined Safety Scarf keeps your face warm,  prevents cold weather injuries, and help you to stay active in cold environment.

Canadian Made Fleece Lined Safety Scarves keep you warm and safe when working in the cold damp or freezing environment

Do you work in cold environment?

Do you love outdoor recreation in the winter playground?

Are you looking for warm protection for your face to prevent cold related sicknesses, injuries and to improve performance?

Take a look and see how much better you can be with your work and recreation when you are safe, warm and comfortable.

What is a Fleece Lined Safety Scarf?

  • It is a triangular shape foldable scarf lined with fleece – cotton on one side and ultra medium weight polyester fleece on the other.
  • Connected by Velcro, it provides easy put on/taken off and adjust to wear loose or snug.  One size fits most adults and bigger kids.
  • Designed to allow for flexibility and freedom for movement.
  • A two (2) color safety scarf that can be used on both sides.
  • Washable, easy to keep clean and to carry.
  • A perfect accessory for workers and recreation enthusiasts in the cool and cold environment.
Canadian Made Fkeece Lined Safety Scarves keep you warm around the neck, chest, face, nose and mouth in the cold environment, and is perfect for recreationers.

Why do you need it?

  • Outdoor workers and those who work in cold confined places suffer from cold stress. The cold, damp, or freezing temperature workplaces affect the health and performance of workers.
  • Outdoor recreationers are at risk of cold related illness and injuries in fall and winter. Our Safety Scarf keeps your face warm and protects your neck, ear, nose and mouth from the cold, UV and dust. It provides you with a warm and colorful comfort.
  • Keeps you warm and prevents cold stress hazards such as Chiblains, Frostnip, Frostbite, and Hypothermia.
  • Reduces muscle rigidity, sluggish movement, and helps you to stay active.
  • Much safer than wearing a long scarf which may get caught in moving machine parts.

Check Out the Fleece Lined Safety Scarf Catalog HERE

Order your Safety Scarf today. Stay warm, healthy and remain active in the cold environment.

What makes it unique?

  • All locally hand made in the beautiful mountains of the Kootenays in B.C. Canada.
  • Comes in a wide range of patterns and bright colors and is a wonderful and affordable accessory.  It makes an amazing cold weather gift for your love ones.  Adding letterings or initials are also available at an extra cost –  a perfect canvas for a personalised gift.
  • It keeps you warm, dry, and prevents cold injuries in the cold environment.   Easy to carry and washable. Versatile and wear it everywhere!

Don’t have a Safety Scarf, what will you get?

  • More chances of getting cold related illness and serious injuries such as:
  • Chiblains – a non freezing injury affecting the cheeks, ears and extremities. When temperature is just above freezing to 10º C (50º F). This is a skin damage where redness and itching appear. Repeated damage can be permanent.
  • Frostnip – a mild freezing of the top layers of skin in earlobes, noses, cheeks and other extremes of the body. Skin turns white, feel numb, hardening and peeling off of the top layer of the skin.
  • Frostbite – commonly affecting cheeks, nose, face, and extremities.  Reduces blood flow causes numbness, aching, and blistering.  Skin looks waxy and feel numb.   Skin damage will also develop Gangrene, making it more prone to future frostbites.  Tissue death causes loss of function and amputation of frostbitten areas.
  • Hypothermia causes muscle incoordination, confusion, slurred speech, poor decision making, unable to perform complex tasks with hands, increases mistakes and accidents. In severe cases, it causes irregular pulse rate, unconsciousness and death.   (Wikipedia)

It is always the small actions that prevent the bigger health risks!